Top Three Tips From JMS 550

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As JMS 550 comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on all of the information we’ve learned this past course. Although every week we gained knowledge regarding a certain area of multimedia reporting, there are three things, above all else, that I find most important.

When it comes to multimedia reporting, it’s extremely important to be well-versed in many areas of the media. One of these is video editing. A few weeks back, we were able to learn the basic skills of different video editing tools. The one I chose was for iMovie from LinkedIn Learning. This was an extremely helpful course to watch because it gave me all of the essential information I would need, plus some tips, on how to edit videos.

Another really helpful piece of information I learned was actually a piece of advice that my professor, Roman Koenig, gave another student. it was in regards to reaching potential sources when contacting them to schedule an interview. I ran into a similar problem, and the advice that was given was to not place all of your hopes into this one source. If you cannot reach them, then it’s time to move on. If they do eventually reach back out to you, it could be a great addition to your piece, but you shouldn’t bet on the fact that they’ll want to be interviewed.

Lastly, another piece of advice, has to deal with editing audio. In the class we practiced editing audio and I decided to record a phone call interview. As it turns out, the audio was not the best. In the future, the audio I received for the interviewee is more acceptable to be lower quality, however, I should rerecord my questions separately and add it back in to improve the quality overall.



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Lauren Menno

Lauren Menno

Hi, my name is Lauren Menno and I’m a senior at SDSU! Here you’ll be able to find my journal entries of my progress as I take one of my final courses: JMS 550.